With a background spanning fashion, interiors, and architecture, LA-based Meg Joannides is renowned for her sophistication and commitment to timeless design. Here are some of her favorite pieces.


HORSEHAIR SCONCE BY APPARATUS / A unique fusion of metal, horsehair, glass, and light, this adds a striking sculptural element to any wall. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces as it serves as a decorative accent and a conversation piece, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of art, nature, and light.

ALPACA LINEN SHEER FABRIC BY ROSEMARY HALLGARTEN / The natural fibers of linen and alpaca lend a distinctive texture and delicate translucency to the fabric. This creates a soft, diffused glow that gently filters light and infuses the space with an ethereal ambiance. Whether I drape it gracefully over windows or use it as an elegant room divider, this versatile fabric adds a timeless sophistication to any interior.

MOLAR STOOL BY BLACKMAN CRUZ / Resting on a solid walnut wood base, this adjustable-height bar stool seamlessly marries traditional elegance with modern versatility. Shown here with neutral leather, I love its chameleon-like quality, depending on the color of the leather used.

BOS VASE BY CRISTOPHE DELCOURT / Made in France with meticulous attention to detail, these vases feature striking silhouettes that seamlessly transition between sculptural and utilitarian functions. I enjoy the interplay of shape and mix of materials, which create visual intrigue from every angle.

SCULPTURAL SCREEN BY CASEY MCCAFFERTY / McCafferty’s artistry transcends convention, weaving together mythology, storytelling, and the innate beauty of natural materials. This creates captivating works that engage both the mind and the senses. These organic contours serve as both functional screens and sculptural elements, enriching our interiors with something more than just an object.

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