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I just celebrated 35 years in real estate, which was such a meaningful milestone. Real estate is my passion and my calling. I can honestly say I’m just as excited to wake up in the morning and go to work as I was three-and-a-half decades ago when I first started. I love bringing that sense of community to so many people and being a trusted advocate for homeownership.

What is your favorite property sold and/or work experience? I listed a home on the edge of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, and the selling process required a lot of preparation and care. The house was steeped in local Point Loma history; it had never been on the market and the original owners were heavily involved in the preservation of the adjacent Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. In the 1960s, the owners helped build and designed many features of the home, and the mid-century modern details are unmatched. I was so thankful to help the sellers through every aspect of the sale and find the perfect family for such a special property.

Do you work mostly with buyers or sellers? Both! I’m a big advocate for homeownership, so I love working with first-time buyers. I love working with sellers also because I believe selling a home should feel easy, and I work hard to create a simple, stress-free experience. I am also bilingual, which helps Spanish-speaking buyers or sellers feel really comfortable throughout the entire process.

What sets you apart from other REALTORS®? Real estate is not just about buying or selling properties; it’s about embracing my community and shaping the future of my clients’ lives. That is the ultimate purpose that led to the start of my real estate career. San Diego holds my heart forever; it’s where I nurtured my daughters and built a life. The tapestry of diverse neighborhoods, the resilience of the military spirit, and the warmth of close-knit communities, especially in Point Loma, define this place for me. From the majestic ocean to the inviting parks and vibrant pathways, San Diego’s essence captivates me in new ways every day. It’s where the roots of California run deep, and where I realized my dream of owning my first home at age 20 fulfilling a lifelong aspiration of living by the ocean. This affection for San Diego fuels my dedication to introduce its wonder to others and invest in individuals and families as they build their lives here. I’m committed to contributing to the community and supporting organizations that elevate San Diego, making it a remarkable place to live, work, play, and retire.

What’s the biggest real estate trend you are seeing right now? It’s not necessarily a new trend but homeownership is definitely trending. With uncertainty in the stock market and the continued upward trajectory of rental prices, people are turning to the stability of homeownership as a long-term, generational wealth-builder. Most importantly, homeownership helps shape the community. I grew up in a large, tight-knit family and my father always reminded us about the value of home. His emphasis on home ownership motivated me to make it a priority from a very early age, and I passed that motivation onto my daughters, who are now homeowners as well.

What neighborhood/area do you specialize in? San Diego and more specifically, Point Loma/Ocean Beach, the incredible coastal community I am grateful to call home.

Do you work mostly with single-family homes, condominiums, land, etc.? I work with all types of properties but specialize in single-family homes, condominiums, and luxury real estate. After 35 years, I know this business well and can navigate buyers and sellers through any kind of transition, in every type of market.

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