Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown has once again revolutionized the beauty industry with the launch of JONES ROAD BEAUTY, a brand that aims to enhance one’s natural splendor without compromising on health. Available online, as well as in clean beauty retailers across Southern California, the collection offers a range of multipurpose products designed to simplify your routine while delivering exceptional results. From the Miracle Balm to The Face Pencil, each item is carefully crafted to serve multiple purposes, promoting a less-is-more philosophy. In that spirit, get to know this serial entrepreneur.


Current mood? Tired

Beauty hero? My Mom

Nickname your parents used to call you? Bobbi

Ideal superpower? To fix the world.

Invisibility or super strength? Super strength

Less is more or more is more? Less is more

If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be? Caviar

Lipstick or mascara? Mascara

Biggest beauty mistake? Over tweezing my eyebrows

Fill in the blank…

Ideal beauty is… Having good energy.

One thing beauty influencers and entrepreneurs have in common is… Drive

Indoor or outdoor sports? Indoor

I wish Southern California had… Less traffic

Tan or pale? Tan

Shimmer or glow? Glow

Last song you played in your car… “Yeah” by Usher

Sweet or savory? Savory

Required ingredients to an enviable skincare routine? Oil

My best party trick is… Saying hello

If you could have a conversation with any inanimate object, what would it be? A couch in the Oval Office

What’s your spirit animal, and why? A dog because I am loyal

If your life had a theme song, what would it be? “It Was All a Dream.”

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